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Bound by Colin Urbina

Tourbillon by Eugène Guillevic
illustrations by Julius Baltazar
Lyon: Èditions Alain Piroir, 1990
Copy number 65 of an edition of 72; signed by the author and illustrator
11.5 x 16.5 x 1.5 cm

Open:Set competition entrant and exhibitor and winner of Highly Commendable prize for Leather Treatment.

Separate boards binding. Bound in Hewit's Bookcalf, dyed teal, with scratches, water resists, alcohol drops, and craquelle. Endpapers by Andrea Peterson of Hook Pottery Paper. Natural edges. Leather endbands.Untitled. Bound in 2019.

I was entranced by the deep blues of Baltazar's prints in this book and attempted to recreate that wild, moving, textured imagery on the cover. I chose calfskin because of the tight, light grain and specifically because it shows marks so accurately. The bands on the spine are a nod to the supports the book is sewn on, as well as a way to accent the rest of the binding.

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