Happy Extract

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Bound by Sherry Barber

Happy Abstract by William Blake
New York, NY: Russell Maret, 2018
22.7 x 17.5 x 1.8 cm

Open:Set competition entrant and exhibitor.

A Happy Abstract was letterpress printed with space for individual art on each page. I chose to create an abstract painting on each page using pastels. While creating these mini abstracts, I stumbled upon some hand blown glass fragments that seemed to fit the theme perfectly. The book was sewn on cords with a double end band of hand sewn silk matching the glass fragments. A recess for the glass was created in the double boards. The book was covered in a yellow Pentland Goat. The glass fragments were imbedded and short lines of good tooling added around the fragments and across the lower back cover.

You can see more of Sherry's work on her web sites, Stone Manor Press Custom Bookbinding and Repair and Sherry Barber Fine Art


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