The Sea Fogs

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Bound by Coleen Curry

The Sea Fogs by Robert Louis Stevenson
Illustrated by Gary Alphonso
Published by Nawakum Press
Printed in 2016
Limited Edition - No. 27 of 50 / Signed
Date of Binding - 2020
Size - 275 x 170 x 13mm (10.5 x 6.75 x 0.5in)

Discription - Full Faircalf laced on boards binding with edge-to-edge doublures of same. Leather is hand dyed blue with blue, Silver, and brown resist dyes and graphite. Two shades of silver foil applied in multiple layers, sanded and burnished. Sunago technique to apply palladium leaf on top edge. Silver metal thread embroidered endbands. Hook handmade paper flyleaves with Lotka paper end sections.

Binder's Statement - The ocean of fog Stevenson writes about is something I know well, being a resident of the California coast and the inspiration for my design. I wanted to create a feeling of the velvety ethereal everchanging ocean of fog flowing over the coastal hills. Hues of blue, shimmering silver and textures and layers to create a quiet fluidity. I was inspired by his writing:

"The colour of that ocean fog was a thing never to be forgotten. For an instant among the Hebrides and just above sundown, I have seen something like it on the sea itself. But the white was not so opaline; nor was there, what surprisingly increased the effect, that breathless, crystal stillness overall. Even in its gentlest moods the salt sea travails, moaning among the weeds or lisping in the sand; but the vast fog ocean lay in a trance of silence, nor did the sweet air of the morning tremble with a sound."

Coleen and her work can be found at Coleen Curry Fine Bookbinding


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