Punctuation: A Printer's Study

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Bound by Lester Capon

Punctuation: A Printer's Study
by John Grice
Evergreen Press 2001
No. 139 of 200

Bound in red, blue, green and golden Hewit's Bookcalf, with multi-coloured, gold tooled goatskin inlays and onlays. The top edge is coloured with gouache. Gold tooled lettering on spine, with hand-sewn silk endbands. Finnish reindeer suede doublures. Drop-back cloth box, felt lined with gold tooled lettering label.

The elegant and unusual shape of his book could, I felt, be further enhanced by the wavy vertical pieces of calf. These shapes also are references to the curves of the arabesques within. The main aspect of the design is therefore a response to the physical appearance of the book and text. The design is also punctuated with inlaid roundels containing abstracted pieces of punctuation (commas, full stops, exclamation marks, dashes, brackets).

The adaptation of the boards presented several problems, but I usually decide what I want to do with a particular book and then spend time working out how that can be achieved. On this occasion quite a lot of time!

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