Volume 10 - Autumn 2000


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The Bookbinder

As found by Lee Prior, from the Priory Bindery in Hampshire in an early 19th Century book of trade and craft definitions. This article has been copied faithfully, word for word!

"The Bookbinder is a Dependant on the Bookseller. He receives Books in Sheets from the Bookseller, and his Business is to bind it, cover it with Leather, Vellum or otherwise as he is directed. The Trade of Bookbinder has no Ingenuity in it, and requires few Talents, either natural or acquired, to fit a Man to carry it on; a moderate Share of Strength is requisite, which is chiefly employed in beating the books with a heavy Hammer, to make the sheets lie close together.

The Profit of the Trade is but inconsiderable in itself, and most Masters in this Branch carry on the Business of Stationary or Pamphlet Shops. The Journeyman make but a mean Living; they seldom earn more than Ten Shillings a week when employed, and are out of Business for Half the Year."


Skin Deep - Volume 10 - Autumn 2000

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