Volume 37 - Spring 2014


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Bound by Gavin Dovey

In Our Time

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Bound by Stuart Brockman

The Double Crown Club

This binding project comprises four fine bindings, all using a variety of goatskin and calf from J Hewit & Sons. They are housed in a specially made buckram box, along with the gold finishing tools that were made by P & S specifically for these bindings.

Technical Description - Paste paper endleaves; all edges gilt; hand sewn endbands; books covered in 5 colours of leather (Hewit's calf and goatskin) with panels of transparent vellum over watercolour enhanced images; gold tooling and lettering in 24 carat gold leaf using four specially made Crown finishing tools of designs from within the books; housed in a black velvet lined box.

Design Description - The Double Crown Club was founded in 1924 and is an exclusive dining club primarily for exchanging ideas on fine book production. Members must have distinguished themselves in the design, illustration or production of printed works and books, or in contributing to knowledge and appreciation of fine printing, binding and typography.

This collection was compiled for the Flow Gallery 10th Birthday Exhibition, September 2009. The brief was to create a place setting for the celebration table. The Double Crown Club was chosen with its obvious link between book production and fine dining.

Taking a lead from the name of the club everything is in pairs. Two of the volumes have dark red spines and two have light red spines, the volumes chosen are two pairs - two volumes being the history of the club the other two being records. The two patterns under the vellum are shapes representative of open books and book spines. The four books are housed in a black velvet lined box with the finishing tools arranged to represent cutlery and a vellum scroll with gold tooled calf strap with a description of the Double Crown club representing a napkin and ring.

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Skin Deep - Volume 37 - Spring 2014

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