Volume 54 - Autumn 2022


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Bound by Rachel Ward Sale

The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite
Translator: F.L. Lucas
Publisher: The Golden Cockerel Press, England
Edition number: 111/750
Publication Date: 1948
Illustrator: Severin, Mark
322 x 197 x 14mm

Panel binding using Hewit's Faircalf, dyed in earth tones and decorated with impressed or printed cloth, with areas of gilded paper left visible. Printed calf doublures and paper flyleaves.

Inspired by broken Greek pottery and the Japanese technique 'Kintsugi' where precious metals are applied to a repair to enhance it.

Rachel and her work can be found at Bookbinders of Lewes


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Bound by Haein Song

Selected Poems by Emily Dickinson
Introduced by Lavinia Greenlaw
Illustrated by Jane Lydbury
Published by the Folio Society
Bound in 2017

For this binding in the 2017 Designer Bookbinders Competition,
Haein was awarded the Folio Society 1st prize for the 'set' book and the 'Mansfield Medal' for the best book in the competition.

Full leather binding in Hewit's white alum tawed goatskin with tooling in various shades of grey. White leather joints and doublures. Pencil drawn endpapers with a layer of Japanese paper. Design and colour are to represent stillness and seclusion of Dickinson's life and to emphasise her idiosyncrasy by directly using the dashes from the poems. Dickinson's unconventional use of dashes has been a great source of debate for interpretation to understand her poetry and it was heavily edited to conform to the norms of the time in her earlier editions. The manuscripts for all the poems in the book were studied and all the words are erased except dashes. Then all the pages are overlaid on top to create the design.

Haein and her work can be found at www.haeinsong.com and www.instagram.com/haeinsong_/


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Skin Deep - Volume 54 - Autumn 2022

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