Volume 6 - Autumn 1998


John Smart Bookbinders

A Company Profile

John Smart has traced his family back in the bookbinding trade to the 1740's. At the turn of this Century, his grandfather and six of his grandfather's brothers were working in various binderies in London's West End. Both of John's parents were bookbinders, working for the most prestigious binderies of the time. His father working for Zaehnsdorf as a Restorer of Paper and Bindings; his concentration on paper conservation led Zaehnsdorf to associate development work with Harvard University into 'Foxing'. His mother had a position at Riviere as a Paper Restorer.

Charles E. Smart, John's father, started the present company in 1935. As a young child, John spent most of his free time in his parent's bindery. At the age of 15, having left school, he started work full time in the family business, simultaneously doing a day release course at the Camberwell School of Art and Craft.

Smart BookIn 1965 John returned to Camberwell to teach a part-time trade binding course to apprentices on day release. He remained a part-time member of staff until 1978 when he and his family moved to Chippenham in Wiltshire. He now lives and works at the 'Old Waggon & Horses'; a 200 year old converted pub.

In 1988, his son Richard joined John in the business. The company is well known throughout the National and International bookselling trade for the production of high quality renovation and restoration of antique books and documents.

Over the past few years they have been become increasingly aware of the need for a user-friendly package on the care and repair of books. This package would be used by a variety of people; those learning the bookbinding trade, those who sell and buy books, and the ordinary person in the street who collects or owns books and wishes to improve their condition and value, their looks, and their life span.

With this in mind, they created a 75 minute video and accompanying booklet on "Basic Refurbishment of Antique Books". The video has been structured so that the viewer can refer to the section currently required without having to watch all the tape through each time.

By using the video and booklet combined, you get the best of both Worlds. You can see in clear and fascinating detail of what to do and you also get the benefit of John Smart's expert advice on any problems to watch out for and try to avoid. And because you are not solely referring to a book, you don't have to imagine how to do some thing - you can watch the video and have your own private lesson.



For further information on this video and booklet package, you may contact:

John Smart
The Old Waggon and Horses
SN15 5AD
Web Site: come.to/visual_restoration

Tel: +44 (0)1666 510517
Fax: +44 (0)1666 510757

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