Volume 17 - Spring 2004


Product & Company News

Japanese Paper

Following many requests from our customers, we are pleased to bring you a range of Japanese papers and tissues to service your requirements for paper repair and conservation. There are six papers in the range:

Tonosawa - 27gsm - 430 x 520mm - Hand-Made, 100% Philippine Gampi neutral pH off-white, laid

Lens Tissue - 10gsm - 510 x 760mm - Machine-Made, 100% Manila Hemp pH 8 white, Long soft fibres

Maruishi - 9gsm - 610 x 910mm - Machine-Made, 100% Manila Hemp Absorbent, Neutral pH, smooth natural white, Long strong & soft fibres

Kozu Shi - 23gsm - 650 x 890mm - Hand-Made, part Kozu neutral pH off-white, Long fibres for

Tosa Washi - 28gsm - 630 x 940mm - Machine-Made Neutral pH, slightly one-sided Natural white, crisp, strong

Kawanaka Ivory - 29gsm - 600 x 910mm - Hand-Made, part Kozu Neutral pH Natural white, laid, Long soft & strong fibres



There have been some changes in the selection of knives we stock. Two of the knives that have been very popular for many years, have been discontinued due to the closure of the company that manufactured them. These are the two Clip-points; the first with the Damascus Steel Blade and Beech Handle and the second with Razor Steel Blade with the Red Wood handle.

Fortunately, we have found an alternative UK manufacturer who produces similar knives and we pleased to offer you these two new products:

Clip-point Knife with Carbon Steel Blade
and a Beech Handle @ £4.00 each





(subject to shipping and handling charges and VAT where applicable)

Annual Holidays

Tannery and Manufacturing
5th - 17th July 2004

Tannery, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Despatch
24th December 2004 - 5th January 2005
25th March 2005 - 2nd April 2005

Arlington Bookcloth

The 'Retro' look comes to bookcloth with a traditional cotton based cloth of classic construction. The natural acrylic coated surface which is water and dirt resistant, imparts a quality texture in all applications. Arlington can be used for covering all types of books and can also be applied to presentation boxes, stationery items and library re-binding work. It has an ideal surface for foil blocking. Arlington is available in a range of 12 shades on a roll size of 1080mm width x 50 metres length.

Saphire Blue
Dark Brown
Forest Green

Light Blue
Dark Green
Burnt Orange

0-49 metres - £3.90/metre
50+ metres - £2.79/metre

(Prices are subject to shipping and VAT @ 17.5% where applicable)


Our new 'Dark Grey' quality dense Millboard is available on a sheet size of 800mm x 1080mm. It is available in the following substances:

1.00mm - £2.79/sheet
1.50mm - £4.26/sheet
2.00mm - £5.55/sheet
2.50mm - £7.20/sheet
3.20mm - £8.00/sheet

We can also supply this product in 25kg bundles, where there are approximately:

26 sheets of 1.00mm board/25kg bundle
17 sheets of 1.50mm board/25kg bundle
13 sheets of 2.00mm board/25kg bundle
10 sheets of 2.50mm board/25kg bundle
9 sheets of 3.20mm board/25kg bundle.

There are substantial discounts for bundles. Please contact us for further details on shipping larger quantities.

Bangladeshi Vegetable Calf

We are very pleased to bring you this new leather as a cheaper alternative to our normal Bookcalf. It should be noted that there are several drawbacks over the Scandinavian Bookcalf that relate to the leather's original tannage. This leather is initially tanned using mimosa, or a similar non-lightfast material. Although we remove this original tannage as best we can from the skins and then re-tan using Tara or Sumac, the leather will never have the lightfastness or ageing properties normally expected from our Bookcalf.

Further information on the differences between the types of vegetable tannage please refer to our articles in Skin Deep "The Manufacture of Leather" parts 4 & 7 by clicking here.

In addition to the ageing and lightfastness issues, the skins are sourced from many different tanneries in Bangladesh therefore there will be some variation in colour within and between packs. This leather will be available in 4 colours, Antique Brown, (similar to Colour 1), Mid-Brown (similar to Repair Calf R4), Light Tan (similar to Repair Calf R6) and Natural (similar to fair). The leather will be available as sides (half skins) with an area of approximately 0.8 sq.M. and a substance of 0.8mm. Rectangular size approximately 80cms x 50cms. The BV Calf will be sold in run selection only, generally equivalent to grade II. Prices are as follows:

1-3 skins
4-9 skins
10-23 skins
24-119 skins
120+ skins
Un-Dyed- Natural
69.60 per metre
63.08 per metre
52.20 per metre
47.85 per metre
43.50 per metre
Dyed Aniline
78.40 per metre
71.05 per metre
58.80 per metre
53.90 per metre
49.00 per metre


(Prices are subject to shipping and VAT @ 17.5% where applicable)

Gift Vouchers

Would you like to buy a gift for a member of your family or friend, but are unsure what to buy them?

If so, we are now selling gift vouchers that may be redeemed against any of the products we sell. Vouchers are available in the following denominations: £1, £5, £10, £25 and £50.

Please note that the vouchers must be redeemed within two years of their purchase.


Society of Bookbinders Journal 2003 - Volume 17Book 1


Only £18.00 + shipping




(subject to shipping charges where applicable)




Spare Bits for Japanese Screw Punch

Spare bits for the Japanese Screw Punch are now available singly as well as in sets of seven pieces.



In addition to the two new knives we introduced in December, we are also pleased to bring you a new 'French' Style Carbon Steel Paring Knife, with a Beech Handle @ £8.84 each





(subject to shipping and handling charges and VAT where applicable)


Skin Deep - Volume 17 - Spring 2004

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