Volume 24 - Autumn 2007


Study Opportunities

Designer Bookbinders & The Society of Bookbinders - Weekend Workshops 2007-08

20-21 October 2007 - Wrap-Around Paper Binding - Kathy Abbott
10-11 November 2007 - Full Vellum Binding Glenn -Bartley
19-20 January 2008 - Gold Finishing - Stuart Brockman
16-17 February 2008 - Impressed Leather Techniques -Rachel Ward-Sale
15-16 March 2008 - Leather Decorating Techniques - Dominic Riley

Welcome to the fourth series of joint workshops offered by Designer Bookbinders and the Society of Bookbinders.

These workshops offer structured, intensive learning from established and well-respected teachers. They are designed to stress the 'hands-on' approach where participants complete a structure or technique following demonstrations from the teacher. The size of each workshop is limited to allow students to benefit from individual attention.

Once again we are offering six workshops on a range of topics from traditional techniques to innovative structures in six different venues across the country.

We hope you will be tempted - but please remember that the workshops tend to fill up very quickly, so sign up early to avoid disappointment! We look forward to seeing you in class!

Clare Prince and Dominic Riley

Wrap-Around Paper Binding - Kathy Abbott
Sat & Sun, 20-21 October 2007 - 10am-5pm
York Minster Library

Fee: £120 (plus £10 materials payable on the day)

In this workshop Kathy will demonstrate two types of limp paper bindings that she has devised for exhibiting with 'Tomorrow's Past'*. She will lead students step-by-step to re-create these two structures on blank books.

On the first day students will fold and slit paper for the book blocks. They will then be shown the folding of the inner and outer cover for a 'wrap-around binding'. T his structure is fully reversible, uses no adhesive, and is perfect for making at home with limited tools or equipment. The second day will build on the principles of the wrap-around binding and students will make a second book which uses decorative stitches through the covers. These ideas are starting points only: materials such as cloth or parchment could be used instead and the basic technique varied to achieve different effects - the possibilities are endless!

*'Tomorrow's Past' is the collective name for an association of bookbinders who make modern conservation bindings for antiquarian books. They exhibit annually at the Antiquarian Book Fair at Olympia in London.

Kathy Abbott served a four-year apprenticeship in bookbinding and then gained an HND from the London College of Printing and a BA from Roehampton University. She is currently self-employed as a bookbinder and book conservator working part-time as bindery manager at Bernard Quaritch Ltd. She teaches at the City Literary Institute and West Dean College and conducts many workshops across the UK. She has been exhibiting with Tomorrow's Past since its formation in 2003

Full Vellum Binding - Glenn Bartley
Sat & Sun, 10-11 November 2007 - 10am-5pm
British Library, London NW1
Fee £120 (plus £50 materials payable on the day)

Vellum is well known as a problematic material for bookbinding, and consequently is often overlooked as a strong and durable covering for a book. Its propensity to misbehave in different environments also puts people off its use. For those with some experience of forwarding and other covering techniques, this workshop will explore the process for covering a book in calf vellum 'over boards' and attempt to demystify the procedures involved and to address its suitability as a binding material.

During the workshop Glenn will share his approach to vellum covering which draws on traditional and more modern techniques that are better suited to the demands made on today's bookbinder.

Working on sewn textblocks the workshop will concentrate on forwarding the binding on the first day - board make up and attachment; headbands and spine linings etc., and covering the book on the second day. A discussion on the choice and suitability of the skin of vellum to be used, laminating with paper, and 'whiting out' will be included. Attention will also be given to board 'pulling' and how to deal with this troublesome issue successfully. Prepared textblocks and vellum will be provided.

Glenn Bartley studied bookbinding at Guildford College and worked for a bindery in Oxford for five years. Currently he is working as a professional binder in his own workshop, established in 1991. He has won several competition prizes including the DB Silver Medal in 1996 and first prize in SoB's International competition in 2005. He was elected Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in May 1999, has bindings in many collections worldwide, and demonstrates and lectures on traditional bookbinding techniques.

Gold Finishing - Stuart Brockman
Sat & Sun, 19-20 January 2008 - 10am-5pm
University of Birmingham, Edgbaston
Fee: £120 (plus £20 materials payable on the day)

Gold tooling is a difficult skill to acquire and requires much patience and repeated practice. The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to good gold finishing practice, emphasizing the methods and skills required for the successful use of gold leaf for tooling on leather.

The course will cover all the steps involved in gold tooling leather boards and spines. These include: gold-tooled labels on goatskin, the use of line fillets and patterned rolls on boards and board edges, lettering a convex spine, the use of pallets (both line and patterned), and the use of centre tools, leading up to a run-up gilt spine incorporating some of the above plus additional techniques.

The techniques used differ from many other binders and originate mainly from James Brockman's six-year finishing apprenticeship in an Oxford trade bindery. The course will be taught by demonstrations followed by bench time with assistance and advice from Stuart throughout.

Stuart Brockman studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London, and trained as a bookbinder with his father James, with whom he still works. He has taught and lectured in the UK, Canada, Finland and USA, as well as for the Society of Bookbinders' conference. He has bindings in many collections worldwide including the British Library and the National Library of Scotland. He was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2004 and organizes the Society of Bookbinders' International Competition.

Impressed Leather Techniques - Rachel Ward-Sale
Sat & Sun, 16-17 February 2008 - 10am-5pm
Conway Bindery, Halifax
Fee: £120 (plus £10 materials payable on the day)

There are many ways to decorate a leather binding: onlay, inlay and gold tooling being the most traditional. This workshop will introduce participants to another approach, that of impressing images and designs directly into the leather, which increases the possibilities for creative expression and technical versatility. This is a deceptively simple technique which adds interest to a binding without dominating the design. It can include a subtle textured background or bold free-form shapes. Impressing can be carried out on the covered book, or prior to covering as onlays and inlays.

The workshop will give students the opportunity to experiment with a variety of techniques for impressing and texturing leather. Although a wide variety of materials and objects for impressing will be provided, students can bring items of their own to experiment with. Also covered will be a section on onlay, inlay and scarf jointing techniques which will incorporate textured leather into designed bindings.

Practice boards will be provided, though students may also bring a book for covering or decoration. However, as not all leathers are suitable for impressing, Rachel will provide guidance before the class as to the suitable materials for personal projects.

Rachel Ward-Sale studied Art, Design and Bookbinding at the University of Brighton from 1977-81 under John Plummer, Faith Shannon and David Sellars. In 1980 she was elected a Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders and a Fellow in 2005. Since leaving college she has been self-employed, initially working from home while her children were young. Then in 1992 she helped start Bookbinders of Lewes, where she still works, doing general binding and repairs as well as fine bindings.

Historical Leather Decorating Techniques - Dominic Riley
Sat & Sun, 15-16 March 2008 - 10am-5pm
Kelly Street, London NW1
Fee £120 (plus £25 materials payable on the day)

Period bookbinding requires a wide knowledge of both historical bindings and decorative techniques. This workshop will cover two traditional 18th century English techniques, tree calf and the Cambridge panel, as well as leather dyeing and staining and other techniques including the cat's paw pattern, paste-resist and simple sprinkling.

Tree calf was practised throughout the 18th and 19th century on leather bindings where the boards are sprinkled with an acid stain, creating a pattern which resembles the trunk and branches of a tree. Although often criticized as damaging to calfskin bindings, Dominic will discuss the relative merits of the technique, giving useful hints as to how it can be practised carefully within a conservation context.

Also firmly grounded in the 18th century, the Cambridge panel makes a very handsome decoration for calfskin bindings of the period. The covers are sprinkled with leather dye through paneled frames and embellished with formulaic blind tooling. All work will be carried out on prepared panels. Those wishing to decorate their own bound books will be able to do so, following instructions which will be provided before the workshop.

Dominic Riley studied at the London College of Printing, and has worked in London, New York and San Francisco, where he helped to found the binding programme at the Center for the Book. He teaches at home in the Lake District, across the UK, and every summer in the USA. He is a Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders, Vice Chairman of the Society of Bookbinders, co-founder of Collective Workshops, and sometime co-host of Booktalk, a cable TV show devoted to bookbinding.

For further information please contact:

Clare Prince - Tel: 020 7937 9198 - Email: Clare.Prince@BookConservation.net
Dominic Riley - Tel: 015395 31161 - Email: Rebound@onetel.com

Booking form may be downloaded here

Gloucestershire (UK) Workshops & Courses

Courses run over 5/6 weeks and will show you some of the techniques and skills needed to repair paper, cloth and leather bindings. Alternatively the course can explore new bindings. By making a multi section book suitable for a journal all the basic processes can be covered. The courses offer a regular opportunity to work at the craft, and are open to beginners or those with some experience. Tuition is on a one to one basis with limited numbers enabling you to have individual tuition on projects of your own choice.

Attendance every week is not necessary. Flexible attendance can be arranged to enable you to organise the sessions around other commitments.

Chipping Campden - St James Rooms - £84.00
Thursday, 18th October 2007 from 3.30 - 7.30pm
Thursday, 1st November 2007 from 3.30 - 7.30pm

John Pursey from Hewits will be calling on us during the class on October 4th

Nailsworth - Ruskin Mill - £100.00
Monday, 5th November 2007 from 9.30am - 2.00pm
Monday, 12th November 2007 from 9.30am - 2.00pm
Monday, 19th November 2007 from 9.30am - 2.00pm
Monday, 26th November 2007 from 9.30am - 2.00pm
Monday, 3rd December 2007 from 9.30am - 2.00pm

For any further details contact Anne Weare on 01285 76032

Cotswold Bookbinders Workshop Schedule - to December 2007

2nd Saturday of each month. The full day workshops are for you to pursue your own projects with any assistance necessary and with use of equipment. Each month to start the day there will be a demonstration of some bookbinding technique.

10th November 2007 - Demonstration - Box making. Construction of drop back box.

2nd December 2007 - Exhibition - Cider with Rosie -Display of our design bindings at Churchdown Bookfair

8th December 2007 - Demonstration - Unsupported sewing techniques

OTHER IDEAS FOR INCLUSION AT WORKSHOPS FOR THOSE INTERESTED - Disappearing spine Pastes, glues and sizes Dyeing leather

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to do or see demonstrated. John Jameson tel. 01285 770458 e-mail john@cotswoldbookbinders.co.uk

The History of Gold-Tooled Bookbinding 1500 - 1800 - Two One-Day Introductory Courses

Overview - The purpose of this course is to expand the material introduced in the recent article on this subject in the spring edition of 'Skin Deep'. The research techniques developed in this study will be explained and participants will be shown how to use these methods to analyse and interpret many styles of gold decoration

Aims - To enable participants to identify critical aspects of gold decoration and to use them to interpret the date when the binding was made. To explore the way each style varied during its chronological history.

Course - The course is divided into two separate days and will concentrate on the major design styles. The days may be attended separately or as a linked pair.

Day 1 - Decoration of book bindings before 1500 - indications from paintings and sculpture.
- Design formats at the end of the fifteenth century, Concentric Rectangles, Noughts and Crosses, Lozenges & Saltires, Five-Stone, Manuscript Borders, Half-Knots and Arabesques.
- Workshop analysis sessions of (1) Strapwork, (2) Spiral and (3) Lace designs.

Day 2 - Workshop analysis sessions of designs involving (1) Fans, (2) Semys, (3) 'Cottage Roof' and (4) 'Drawer Handles'.
- Analysis of the many ways in which foliage has been used as a decorative element through these three centuries with particular attention to Acanthus, Lotus, Tulip and flower forms, leaf and stem shapes, natural and stylistic representation and herbaceous border constructions.

Location and Dates - West Yorkshire near Huddersfield. Precise location to be confirmed. Courses will be held on Saturdays starting with 'Day 1' on 29 September 2007 and 'Day 2' on 27 October 2007.

Cost - £100 per day inclusive of lunch, tea & coffee and a set of the visual demonstration and analytical materials.

For further details please contact Ian Andrews, Course Leader.
Email to: ian.andrews1@talktalk.net

Book North 2007/8

During 2007/8, we are running a series of bookbinding workshops in Barkisland, near Halifax. The workshops will run from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm daily: large bindery - small classes. The cost is £70 for each two-day workshop and £180 for the five-day workshops. The cost will include most materials and buffet lunches. Details of local accommodation can be provided.

Barkisland is located in the lovely Calder Valley, which is great Yorkshire walking country. It is within easy reach of Halifax, and the M62 between Manchester and Leeds

The 2-day workshops are:
Book Repair 1: 18/19 October 2007 or 20/21 October 2007
Cased Bindings: 15/16 November 2007 or 17/18 November 2007
Book Repair 2: 20/21 March 2008 or 22/23 March 2008
Coptic Books with Hide Covers: 17/18 April 2007 or 19/20 April 2008

The 5-day workshops are:
Inlays & Onlays & Related Techniques with Peter R Jones: 19 - 23 May 2008
Gold Tooling with Tracey Rowledge: date to be advised.

For further details or to book a place, contact Hilary Henning on 01932 787268, or email hilary.henning@tiscali.co.uk. If you want to hear about future Book North courses, contact Hilary to add your name to the Book North mailing list

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild In-studio Workshops - 2007

2007-WKSP-034 Pop-ups Beyond the Basics
Instructor: Lise Melhorn-Boe
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 2 days; Sat. & Sun. Oct. 20, 21
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $160 members/$220 non-members
Materials fee: $15 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: Bookbinding I or permission of the instructor
Learn how to combine basic pop-up techniques to make more intricate structures. Form solid and sculpted shapes. Create movement on the page using V-folds and hidden straps. Techniques can be used for cards or books. Students will need scissors, a glue stick, or double-sided taper, a ruler, protractor, knife and cutting board. Colouring materials (coloured pencils or non-toxic markers) will add to the fun. Paper will be provided.

2007-WKSP-035 Bookbinding I Intensive
Instructor: Brian Maloney
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 5 days; Mon. - Fri., Oct. 22 - 26
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $400 members/$460 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor
Course description the same as WKSP-024

2007-WKSP-036 Heightening the Impact of Images and Text
Instructor: Mira Coviensky
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day; Sat., Oct. 27
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $20 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: Artists' Books Foundation Class I (Alternative Book Structures for Book Artists) or permission of the instructor
Learn about using changes in scale and ways of cropping to heighten the impact of the images and text in your books. We will use a projector to play with size, scale and cropping. We'll then take what we've learned to create a small book that keeps the reader involved from beginning to end.

2007-WKSP-037 Long and Link Stitch
Instructor: Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Location: 24 Castle Frank Cres., Toronto
Duration: 2 days; Sat. & Sun., Oct. 27, 28
Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Course fee: $160 members/$220 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: Bookbinding I or permission of the instructor
This two day workshop will introduce a variety of long & link structures. Participants will select two models to make.

2007-WKSP-038 Bookbinding III
Instructor: Don Taylor
Duration: 6 Sundays; Oct. 28, Nov 4, 11, 18, 25, Dec. 2
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $480 members/$540 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor, plus cost of leather
This course introduces the advanced techniques used for traditional leather covered, fine binding structures. Participants will make two models, both with sewn headbands, attached boards, and covered in half leather. The first model will be sewn on recessed cords with a hollow tube construction; the second model will be sewn on raised cords with a tight back construction.

2007-WKSP-039 Endpaper Refresher
Instructor: Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Location: 24 Castle Frank Cres., Toronto
Duration: 1 day; Sat., Nov. 3
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $10 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: Bookbinding I or permission of the instructor
This one day workshop is for those who feel that their endpaper techniques are perhaps a little rusty and could use a refresher to jog their memories and bring those fingers up to speed.

2007-WKSP-040 Boxes & Protective Enclosures Intensive
Instructor: Dan Mezza
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 5 days; Mon. - Fri., Nov. 5 - 9
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $400 members/$460 non-members*
Materials fee: $25 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: Bookbinding I or permission of the instructor
This workshop will be of particular interest to librarians, collection care specialists and private collectors. It will introduce many methods currently used to protect book materials. Participants will make several models, such as a paper slipcase, a double tray "clamshell" box, a portfolio, and a number of other protective enclosures

2007-WKSP-041 Coptic Binding
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day; Sat., Nov. 10
Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $15 payable to the instructor
This one day course will give participants the opportunity to make a very early book form, developed in North Africa in the 4th century, with exposed sewing and wooden covers.

2007-WKSP-042 Finishing Intensive
Instructor: Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Location: 24 Castle Frank Cres., Toronto
Duration: 6 days; Mon. - Sat., Nov. 12 - 17
Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Course fee: $480 members/$540 non-members*
Materials fee: $30 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: Leather Workshop, or permission of the instructor
This six-day course will introduce the basic concepts and techniques used in decorating leather-bound books. The course will cover: blind and gold tooling; titling; several methods of inlay and onlay; historical decorative tools; and typical elements of design. Participants will try their hand at various techniques using an assortment of different leathers.

2007-WKSP-043 Santa's Workshop
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 evening, Fri., Nov. 30
Hours: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Course fee: $45
Materials Fee $10 payable to the instructor
If you scramble to get ideas for holiday presents, this workshop will solve that problem! Spend an evening making a lovely 3 section book with paper covers and exposed sewing using the "dot-dash" technique. You will take home templates so you can make more of these books quickly and easily with minimal tools.

2007-WKSP-044 Rough 'n Tough
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day; Sat., Dec. 1
Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Course fee: $95
Materials fee: $20 payable to the instructor
This one day course is great for beginners. Participants will make a rough, unembellished, leather-bound book consisting of five individually sewn sections in a wrap-around leather cover with leather thongs or corded ties. This style of book can be made at home with minimal materials.

2007-WKSP-045 Remedial Repair
Instructor: John Burbidge
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 2 days; Sat. & Sun., Dec. 8 & 9
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course fee: $160 members/$220 non-members*
Materials fee: $15 payable to the instructor
This two-day course, designed with librarians and book collectors in mind, introduces the repair of damaged books to make them usable without destroying their potential to delight as books. Particular attention will be paid to cloth and paperback bindings. Participants are encouraged to bring books from their own collections which illustrate problems, and which may be used for practicing skills.

Further information and applications form are available from www.cbbag.ca

Garage Annex School for Book Arts Easthampton, MA, USA

2007 Programme

Oct 20 - Oct 21 - Stationery Departures Hedi Kyle
Nov 3 - Nov 4 - On the Surface: Surface-Altering Techniques for Expressive Effect Donald Glaister
Nov 9 - Nov 11 - Material Image: The Paper Tells It All Suzanne Moore
Dec 1 - Dec 2 - Dyed Limp Vellum Mark Tomlinson

2006 - Workshop Schedule - Please visit the Garage Annex web site at www.GarageAnnexSchool.com for full workshops descriptions, instructor bios, and many images.

Further information on the above workshops is available from:

Greta D. Sibley
One Cottage Street #5
Easthampton, MA 01027
Tel: 413-529-0070
Fax: 413-529-0071
e-mail: greta@garageannexschool.com

American Academy of Bookbinding

Founded in 1993, the American Academy of Bookbinding program brings serious professionals and amateur bookbinders together to improve their skills and benefit from top-level instruction without having to study abroad. The academy holds intensive courses in the fine art of leather binding and related subjects. Join the American Academy of Bookbinding in 2007 with two campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Telluride, Colorado for top level instruction. On offer are intensive courses for beginner to advance students in conservation, fine leather binding and related subjects. Degree programs are also available. For more information visit the American Academy of Bookbinding web site or contact AAB coordinator, Margaret Cruzzavala on (970) 728-3886.

2007 Course Offerings - Ann Arbor, Michigan Campus
September 24 - October 5 - Intermediate French Technique Binding with Monique Lallier
October 8 - 19 - Book Conservation: Treatment of Textblocks & Sewing with Don Etherington

Leatherwork Courses with MacGregor & Michael, Tetbury. UK

MacGregor & Michael are professional designer-makers of hand-stitched leathergoods with more than 30 years experience. Their short course builds upon the techniques described in 'The Leatherworking Handbook' by Valerie Michael. The maximum number of students is five, so each person receives individual tuition. All tools are provided for use on the courses.

Provisional Dates for 2007 and further information on the whole range of our courses, including courses on:

  • Decorated Leather
  • Moulded Leather Flowers
  • Leather Carving
  • Leather Boxes and Containers
  • Design and Construction of hand stitched bags
  • Wallets-Organisers-Purses

can be found on our website at www.leathercourses.co.uk or by contacting

Val Michael at MacGregor & Michael
37 Silver Street

e-mail: info@leathercourses.co.uk
Tel: ( 0044) 01666 502179

The Otter Bindery in Surrey, England

Workshops 2007 - 1st Saturday of Every Month plus a special one-off weekend of bookbinding in Dartingtonin September

Saturday 3 November 2007 Gold Finishing With Steve Orriss
This one day course will throw you straight into the deep end! You will immediately be using real gold leaf on real leather. You will practice using rolls and fillets to create lined and patterned designs on pieces of calf and goat. You will also have a chance to practice using a type holder to create titles on false book backs. This is a fun day with the emphasis on enjoyment and learning. You will be given a list of future reading and resources in the furtherance of the craft of gold finishing and although after a day of gold finishing you will not leave a master of this particular craft, you will go away with a good idea of how to go about gold finishing and with all the necessary knowledge to take your new found skill further. Please be aware that it is necessary to purchase gold leaf for this event, which you can do on the day at the bindery if you wish. The overwhelming advice from experienced gold finishers is practice so if you have attended courses before then do attend another for the practice.

Saturday 1 December 2007 - Bind a Book With Marysa de Veer
Bring a book to bind or restore. This day is aimed at those wishing to progress their knowledge and I will gear the course around the abilities and interests of the attendees. Please write to marysa@otterbookbinding.com and let me know your particular interest.

Saturday 5 January 2008 - Begin a Book With Marysa de Veer
Bring a new book or an old book to transform. You will learn how to dismantle the book, split it into its individual sections and re-sew it. I intend to take this course at a slightly slower pace in order to attend to sewing, making made endpapers, rounding and backing, hand sewn silk headbands and cutting the boards. Do NOT expect to leave this course with a finished book. This day is a preliminary for the February course, which will be with Royston and will involve paring the leather and covering the book

Saturday 2nd February 2008 - Forward a Book With Royston Haward
In this course you will need to bring an already hand-sewn, rounded and backed book with 'made' endpapers and hand sewn headbands. You will be lacing in the cords or tapes, paring the leather for covering and then covering it. You will need to bring leather for covering, a spokeshave and a paring knife. For further details on where to obtain tools and materials please email marysa@otterbookbinding.com If you do not have leather, you can purchase a small piece on the day.

VISITS There are other visits planned. To keep up to date please check the website www.otterbookbinding.com or write to marysa@otterbookbinding.com and ask to be put on our mailing list.

Wednesday September 26 2007 - Cost £15.00 - GUILDHALL LIBRARY 2pm for one and a half hour visit - no more than 8 visitors
A visit to Guildhall Library conservation will consist of talks by the Manuscript, Printed books and Prints & Maps conservators with a chance to see what they are working on at the time. There will also be an opportunity to see various "interesting" bindings that are in the collections.

Saturday October 13 2007 - Cost £15.00 - TREVOR LLOYD www.trevorlloyd.co.uk 2pm for a 2 hour visit
Trevor Lloyd is an experienced bookbinder and highly skilled gold finisher. His bookbinding shop is right in the heart of historic Ludlow. Trevor will have a selection of books on display and will be happy to talk to you about all aspects of gold finishing and restoration.

Wednesday December 12 2007 - Cost £FREE - THE OTTER BINDERY - OPEN AFTERNOON 4.30pm for a one and a half hours
Marysa is an experienced bookbinder and book conservator as well a practising artist. You will see photographs of work undertaken as well as work currently in progress. This is also a Christmas shopping opportunity with various hand bound gifts on display.

To download an order form for one of these courses please go to www.otterbookbinding.com and click 'Learn to Bind' *please also check website for details of organised visits to binderies and conservation studios

Please contact Marysa de Veer for further information on any of the above courses at:

The Otter Bindery
42 Hare Hill
KT15 1DT
Tel/Fax +44 (0) 1932 845976
e-mail marysa@otterbookbinding.com

CBL Ascona, Switzerland

The Association centro del bel libro in Ascona is the parent institution of an internationally known and recognised technical school with the specialised areas of Bookbinding and Design and Book and Paper Conservation. The Association exists for the continued development and ever higher qualification of its instructors in both areas. Competitions and exhibitions help inform the public about their activities and expand public awareness of the book. The Association makes it possible for experts in related fields and for interested laypeople to acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to the book through special courses of instruction. The Association is a not for profit organisation. Its departments assure the smooth functioning of the school and an especially well organised office assists course participants with their stay in Ascona. The Directorate, among other duties, is charged with attracting new supporting members for the Association to en sure the continued work and development of the School. Should you be in agreement with the stated goals of the Association - we would be pleased to welcome you as a new member!

Department of Bookbinding and Design - The study areas of Bookbinding and Design offer discerning bookbinders the opportunity of technical and creative challenges. Course participants have the opportunity to further their qualifications through learning internationally recognised methods and techniques, are able to hone their skills and increase their knowledge, evaluate themselves and be inspired by colleagues. They will exchange ideas and find paths in creativity and through self reflection; paths which open up by being away from job demands and daily stress, away from routine, and the pressures of time and expectations of productivity. The annually changing course offerings are continually enhanced by timely developments to expand studentsí depth of understanding. They include classic hand bookbinding techniques, such as the French full leather binding, the Bradel technique, as well as hand gilding. Another area of program concentration is the contemporary design of bookbindings, in which design, technique and material complement each other and fulfil the functional and qualitative aspects of a book.

Department Book and Paper Conservation - The study of book and paper conservation at the centro del bel libro ascona assures further education specifically for book and paper restorers and delivers timely, inclusive and internationally recognised competencies in theory and practical applications. Scientific bases of restoration, restoration ethics, as well as documentation and decision making are encouraged and fostered in order to increase the knowledge of course participants in these areas. The opportunity to engage in dialogue in related disciplines, support and evaluation of innovation, and most of all development of practical skills to assure correct restoration and conservation measures - all are addressed in this context. The exchange of ideas among experts, and the addition of highly specialised guest lecturers provide the best conditions for exploring all relevant subjects in depth. Highly qualified teachers, a pleasant study and work environment, course participants from countries world wide, and the much renowned southern joie de vivre facilitate learning, ignite the desire to learn and communicate, and reward the student with improved self confidence. Building on these facts, it becomes an easy task to develop conventions for the protection of our cultural heritage, the book - a task which the centro del bel libro ascona has set itself and which it fulfils.

Further information regarding courses programs can be found on the school's web site at: www.cbl-ascona.ch

Leeds College of Technology, Yorkshire, UK

Last year with great success, Leeds College of Technology, Yorkshire, UK, ran a basic craft bookbinding course. They had a good response, with eight enrolling on the course, most of who would like to move on to more advanced level. They have also had a few interested enquiries for the next basic course. This has prompted them to set up an Intermediate Craft course, which will start in February, following on from the beginners course in September. The new course will again have a certificate from NCFE after successful completion. They intend to move on to quarter and half bound case books and quarter and half bound leather bindings.

The courses will run on Wednesday evenings, 5.00-8.30 pm., 18 weeks each course. The fee will be £150 plus a small enrollment fee.

For more information: Contacts: Mick McGregor at Leeds College of Technology
Tel: +44 (0) 113 297 6438, e-mail m.mcgregor@lct.ac.uk or Student Services: tel +44 (0) 113 297 6481.

London College of Printing, London, UK

BA(HONS) Book Arts and Crafts - a course designed to develop a creative and innovative approach to the art and craft of designing and making books, as functional artifacts and art pieces.

This programme of study is unique in the United Kingdom, being the only course available specifically in book arts & crafts. The course is spread over three years, year one is mostly skills based and covers a variety of bookart areas, year two includes a range of electives allowing the student to focus on certain areas in detail. This year also includes work experience. Year three includes 2 major practical projects and a dissertation in a related area. The course starts in year one as tutor led and gradually becomes student led.

During the course visits are arranged to museums and galleries, field trips abroad and the possibility of engaging in the college exchange programme. A range of methods delivers the course: e.g. practical demonstration, lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Bookart projects are practically based and detailed feedback is always given on student's work either through assessment sheets or in tutorial. Written projects are required in the Cultural Studies and Personal and Professional Development modules.

Here is an outline of each year

Year 1 - Modules include basic skills in Printmaking, Craft bookbinding, craft printing (letterpress and screen), visual studies (drawing & illustration), photography and creative bookarts. Computer studies (computer-aided design), Cultural studies and Professional development. (CS & PPD run throughout the course). Year one is intense and requires attendance over 3/4 days.

Year 2 - Modules include advanced bookart structures and fine print production, electives include advanced printmaking & illustration, design bookbinding, artist's books, historical / oriental structures, conservation techniques and CAD etc. Students may now focus on particular area or specialism and drop areas they do not wish to pursue. PPD not only helps arrange work experience, but sets up student exhibitions in various galleries and the London Artists Bookfair each year.

Year 3 - This year is assessed over 2 major projects and 2 lesser projects. You will be expected to produce a dissertation of around 5000/6000 words and produce a Major Elective Study, which is assessed by exhibition. Projects are student led, this year of the course using a supervision/tutorial system for major projects. Students also set up their own exhibition in a private gallery during this final year. Technical help and advice is always available and most tutors operate an "open door" policy for students who need one-to-one help.

Exit Profile - Over 70% of graduates find employment in areas related to the course programme,(2002). Some have gone into teaching (PGTC) some onto post graduate education, (MA Bookarts, MA Fine Art, MA Product Design and MA Publishing etc.)

This art and design course using as it does a range of 3D graphics and the book as a medium has a wide range of applications. Graduates work as makers in bookbinding, printers in Fine press (Limited Edition), printmakers, illustrators, book designers using the latest computer applications, in art departments for publishers, paper engineering (pop-ups), board-game and package design, book & card production and as exhibiting book artists.

Students have exhibited to acclaim in major galleries and won international awards in France, UK, USA and Holland. This (undergraduate) course has been generally recognised as being the best available in this field. Resources are second to none, fully equipped workshops coupled with experienced staff all of whom practice within their specialism, professionally, (e.g. printmaking is taught by Tessa Holmes, exhibiting printmaker and Visual studies by the artist Daphne Plessner)

Full-time students at the LCC (lcp) ,also have the advantage of being offered a large range of related "bolt-on" courses, free, to enhance their studies. The course is relatively small, targets for each year being only 25. The age range is from 18 years, at present there is a 65/35 ratio women to men. Retention rate is 92% (2002/03). HEFC inspection rating is 22/24. Students come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, e.g. Taiwan, Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Japan and Korea.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the college. For full curriculum details and further information, please contact Mike Brunwin at: m.brunwin@lcp.linst.ac.uk or telephone on 0207 514 6500 (ex.6660) or write to:

UCAS entry codes;
route A Linst L65 WW27 Ba/BArts
Route B Linst L65 EW 27 Ba/BArts

London College of Communication (formally London College of Printing) School of Printing & Publishing, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB
(The London Institute becomes the "University of the Arts,London" in May 2004)

Oxford Brookes University - Evening Classes

These non-vocational classes provide an introduction to bookbinding, examining the techniques, materials and equipment needed to bind and repair books. Traditional methods are considered in conjunction with practical alternatives. Students will achieve an understanding of the requirements and processes involved in producing clean, neat, basic work. Students work at their own pace and are individually tutored.

For further information, please contact:
Ian Ross - Tutor and Organiser, Bookbinding Evening Classes
Oxford Brookes University, School of Arts & Humanities, OXFORD OX3 0BP

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 793083 or e-mail : binding@ianaross.f2s.com


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