Volume 24 - Autumn 2007


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Adhesive Dispensers

These cleverly designed containers will dispense just the right amount of PVA adhesive into the reservoir. Ideally suited for most adhesives, gums, dyes, lacquers, fabric dressings, liquid polishes and all other liquids which evaporate and become solid quickly.

Available in 2 sizes
0.9 litre including flat brush - £16.63 each
1.5 litre - including round brush £19.25 each


Replacement Brushes:
Flat Brush - £2.45 each
Round Brush - £3.15 each


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The Society of Bookbinders Competition, 2007

J Hewit and Sons Award for Innovation

Winner - Christine Sieber, Hamburg, Germany, Professional Bookbinder, Fine Binding Category

Book - Binding structures in the Middle Ages by Berthe van Regemorter

Binding - Bradel-binding with attached covers in polycarbonate The polycarbonate covers are varnished with car lacquer using airbrushing technique. The spine is made of water snake skin in grey. The concept of the design is abstract. Different plains are moving within each other. This concept allows a lot of space for interpretation to the viewer








J Hewit and Sons Award for Craftsmanship

Winner - Kate Holland, Bath, UK, Professional Bookbinder, Fine Binding Category

Book - And the Ass saw the Angel by Nick Cave

Binding - Hand dyed orange alum-tawed goatskin with black goat onlay. Scratches. Black sprinkled edges, orange leather end bands, offset printed endpaper on black Bible paper. This is a tale of murder, lust and God set in small-town Bible belt America. The colours are inspired by films such as Night of the Hunter and Gone with the Wind. The scratches evoke the protagonist's self-mutilation. The silhouetted lightning tree plays centre stage and the crows are forever circling the narrative.








J Hewit and Sons Award for Design

Winner - Susanne Natterer, Freiburg, Germany, Professional Bookbinder, Fine Binding Category

Book - L'Infinito by Giacomo Leopardi

Binding - Stub-binding, non-adhesive binding covered in full leather, Mingei- Shi endpapers. Single sections covered with black leather strips, 4 orange bands around the spine, orange leather strip around the head.




Our warm congratulations go to all the winners.






'French Style' Straight Grain Aniline Goat

We are very pleased to offer for general sale, Aniline Straight Grain Goats. This type of leather is synonymous with 18th and 19th Century French bindings. Our skins are tanned and dyed and left with a semi-transparent finish. The skins are then embossed with a straight grain, giving a natural looking and luxurious leather. This leather is ideal for both new bindings and restoration work and will take both gold leaf and foil and can also be blind-tooled.

Leather shades may be viewed and ordered from our catalogue

SB50 - Finishing Tool Cleaner

SB50 is the ideal way to clean dirt from old and tired looking finishing tools. This brand new product will clean brass, copper and many other materials. Its deep cleansing capabilities will dissolve dirt, grime and grease and leave brass and copper bright and clean.

Available in two sizes, 150ml bottle @ £11.52 each and 500ml bottles @ £29.70 each

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The Art of Bookbinding - The Classic Victorian Handbook

By Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf

Hobbyists can learn the art of bookbinding from a renowned Victorian master on a classic that offers expert, easy-to-follow advice on every stage of the craft. The author, whose custom bookbinding has been revered since the nineteenth century, offers step-by-step instructions on every stage of the process: from folding the leaves and sewing them into signatures to gluing, gilding edges, covering, and finishing. Over 117 woodcuts and lithographs from the original edition illustrate tools and equipment, as well as examples of exquisite binding inlays.

A rare study of a centuries-old art form, The Art of Bookbinding preserves a precious legacy for binders, book art enthusiasts, and collectors. Among the most respected references available on the technique of professional bookbinding, its contents capture the essence of superior book production and invoke a renewed appreciation for lasing, quality-made tomes.

Dover (2007) unabridged republication of the revised and enlarged second edition of the work originally published in 1980 by George Bell & Sons, Ltd. 224pp 5.5" x 8.5" - paperbound.



Only £10.00

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Highlander Goat

>Aimed at the amateur market our new Highlander Goatskins are tanned and finished using the same processes as our Chieftain Goats. The HIGHLANDER goats however differ from the Chieftain goats in that they are given a subtle artificial graining in order to cover some of life's bumps and bruises. The leather is priced the same as our embossed goatskins. Colours will be the same as our Chieftain goats, however stocks will be limited. Prices for run selections will start at around £52.00 per skin. Quantity discounts are available.

Leather shades may be viewed and ordered from our online catalogue.

Red Spanish Marble Paper

After a long absence, Red Spanish Marble Paper is> back in stock!! It may be ordered online by clicking here

Book Society of Bookbinders Journal 2006 - Volume 20


Only £18.00

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Skin Deep - Volume 24 - Autumn 2007

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