Volume 48 - Autumn 2019


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Bound by Glenn Malkin

Imitations of English Poets
By Alexander Pope
First prize winner, Society of Bookbinders International Competition 2015, Fine Bindings category
Libanus Press (1987)
Illustrated by Meredith Ramsbotham
Limited Edition of 300
Approx. 205 x 230mm
28 printed pages

Sewn onto four linen tapes and bound in Hewit's fair goat decorated with water-based and spirit dyes using the craquele method plus additional hand dying. Recessed panels of hand-dyed Hewit's fair goat with hand-embossed features. Full leather doublures of Hewit's fair goat dyed yellow with water-based dye. Doublures and cover tooled with carbon. Goat suede endpapers. Book edges decorated with acrylic dyes and sprinkled gold leaf. Presented in a suede lined drop-back box.

The design colours reflect the line-drawn illustrations and the additional plain coloured endpapers. The twinned rectangles on the covers reflect Pope's attempt at imitating other poets - appearing similar but on inspection slightly different.

Glenn and his work can be found at Glenn Malkin Design Bindings


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Bound by Andrew Sims

Book of Common Prayer John Baskerville, Cambridge 1762
Winner of the 2015 Fine Cut International Award For Gold Finishing

Harleian-style binding in Hewit fair goat, hand-stained to period colour. Gold-tooled in a style reminiscent of Cambridge binder Edwin Moor. Wide gilt-rolled borders, enclosing typical concave lozenge composed of massed individual tools. Saltire decoration to spine panels. Gilt rolls to board edges, headcaps and inner dentelles. New comb-marbled endpapers, toned. Hand-sewn silk endbands.



The Works of The Brontes
6 vols.
Allan Wingate, London 1949
The Heather Edition

Bound in Hewit embossed fair goat (hard grain). Half bindings with complimentary English marbled paper sides. Full gilt spines.



Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
David Livingstone
John Murray, London 1857

Bound in full Hewit Bangladeshi Vegetable Calf, hand-stained using Hewit aniline leather dyes. Full gilt spine, red morocco title label.

You can find out more about Andrew Sims and his work at www.andrewsims.co.uk


Skin Deep - Volume 48 - Autumn 2019

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