Volume 48 - Autumn 2019


Product & Company News

Cotton Canvas

Newly added to our range of cloths, are two Cotton Canvas materials in coarse and fine finishes. Both are manufactured from 100% cotton, to yield traditional bookcloths with a rugged weave and natural appearance.

They are both supplied with acid-free backing paper and are suitable for bookbinding and box work. They can be foil blocked. They are each available in 1 shade and come on 50 metre rolls with a width of 1080mm.

0-49 metres - £10.40/metre
50-249 metres - £7.44/metre
250+ metres - £6.89/metre
0-49 metres - £7.93/metre
50-249 metres - £5.60/metre
250+ metres - £5.19/metre

These new cloths and the others in our range may be purchased online by clicking here

(subject to delivery charges and VAT where applicable)

Coccoina Paste


Coccoina is white adhesive paste that is supplied in a plastic jar with brush. "Coccoina" has a distinctive almond fragrance. It adheres paper, clothes, photos, labels, etc and is easy to use and apply. The paste is derived from potato starch (dextrin ) in water. As such, it ideal for use by children, as the paste is solvent free and harmless. Gross weight 160g (net weight 125g)

1-9 jars - £2.80 each
10-24 jars - £2.59 each
25-49 jars - £2.38 each
50-99 jars - £2.31 each
100+ jars - £2.10 each

Coccoina Paste may be purchased online by clicking here

(subject to delivery charges and VAT where applicable)

Stainless-Steel Set Squares


Our popular range of Stainless Steel Set Squares has a new addition. Welcome to 'Mini'.

Available in three sizes:
Mini - 45° x 45° - 9cm x 12.5cm @ £13.60 each
Small - 45° x 45° - 15cm x 21cm @ £15.30 each
Large - 45° x 45° - 20cm x 28cm @ £17.00 each

The Stainless Steel Set Squares be purchased online by clicking here

(subject to delivery charges and VAT where applicable)

Society of Bookbinders Journals


We are very pleased to advise that 4 editions of Bookbinder that have been out-of-print for a while, are now available to purchase as downloadable PDFS'."'".'s. These are the editions:
- volume 22 (2008)
- volume 26 (2012)
- volume 27 (2013)
- volume 31 (2017)


Only £12.00

These downloads may be ordered Online - Click Here

(subject to VAT where applicable)

Nonpareil Printed Marble Paper

We are very pleased to bring you a new range of Nonpareil printed marble papers. The 4 traditional colourways are Litho printed to our own specification on 100gsm Olin Rough Absolute White. The sheet size is approx. 50 x 70cm (long-grain).

This paper has good environmental credentials including FSC® certification and is printed using vegetable based inks. The production is Carbon Neutral, as new trees are planted to offset emissions.

paper      paper      paper      paper

Singles - £3.38/sheet
25 to 99 sheets - £2.63/sheet
100 to 499 sheets - £1.88/sheet
500-999 sheets - £1.50/sheet
1000+ sheets - £1.31/sheet

These new papers may be purchased online by clicking here

(subject to delivery charges and VAT where applicable)

The Society of Bookbinders Competition, 2019

The J. Hewit & Sons Award for Excellence in Design
Winner Coleen Curry, USA

Touchez-Voir (Morina Mongin, Self-published 2016)
"Semi-limp case binding in top pared calf with incisions and paint. Hand tooled title painted on recto with blind tooled author, artist and date on verso. Doublures of suede with embossing. The title 'touch-see' inspired me to create a tactile and visual event, with the design introducing the art within."


J Hewit and Sons Award for Craftsmanship
Winner Paul Johnson, UK

Samuel Palmer has Tea with Utamaro
"The 19th Century English visionary artist, Samuel Palmer sails to Japan to have tea with the great woodblock artist, Kitagawa Utamaro. Unique carousel Sculptural pop-up book using industrial dyes and pen and ink on watercolour paper"


Our warmest congratulations go to Coleen and Paul

Board Attachment


A 39 page pamphlet describes the sequence of operations within the bookbinding process that securely attaches the protective covers or boards to the front and back of the text block. The processes include 'cased-In', 'library style' and 'laced-on board' binding styles.

Only £9.00

This book and other manuals may be ordered Online - Click Here


(subject to shipping charges)

Bargain Basement

We are pleased to announce that we have just added in excess of 300 finishing tools to the 'Bargain Basement' section of opur web site.

These items always sell quickly, so do not delay viewing them here.


Skin Deep - Volume 48 - Autumn 2019

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