Volume 42 - Autumn 2016


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Bound by Roberto Patetta, Milano, Italy

Das Kleine Blumenbuch (The Small Flower Book)

"This is a German flower book which was a gift for a friend. It has been rebound using Hewit's Blue Pentland Goat and for the onlays, I used an assortment of goat and calf leathers, also from Hewits. The lovely end papers are hand made from Amalfi. The box is half-bound with parchment that comes from the mountains of central Italy. The marble papers come from Florence. The inner jacket is also from Amalfi paper."

For further information, please contact Roberto directly on roberto.patetta@fastwebnet.it






Bound by Hans-Ulrich Frey, Switzerland

Beauties of the Bosphorus
First edition by Miss Julia Pardoe, London.
Published by George Virtue 1838, illustrated with engravings by W.H. Bartlett.

Traditional French Binding in full Pentland Goat from J Hewit & Sons, blind tooled with inlaid leather-decoration.

Designed by Hans-Ulrich Frey, Offizin Parnassia Vaettis, Switzerland

Please visit their web site at www.parnassia.org



Skin Deep - Volume 42 - Autumn 2016

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