March 2019

Scharf-Fix Leather Paring Machine


We are very pleased to advise that with the help of the manufacturer, we are now able to offer the Scharf-Fix at a much reduced price.

A simple device without complicated mechanisms or motors. It allows the paring of leather to become a simple routine. Edge-paring and corners are a 'breeze' to undertake and as it is also so precise, preparing onlays and inlays become easy tasks. It can also cope with handling large areas of leather. The machine is provided with 3 roller-cylinders of different widths - 4, 8 and 12mm to make it capable of paring even narrow pieces. The patented mechanism of the Scharf-Fix automatically makes the knife stay in the chosen position, so there is no need for time consuming readjustments.

New (Reduced) Price: £285.00 each

This machine may be purchased online by clicking here

(subject to VAT where applicable)

Italian Marble Papers

Italian Papers

.... are back in stock. There are 9 stunning designs in this range of hand marbled, antiqued-finished papers. The papers, all of which have traditional European designs, are hand polished with Beeswax, reminiscent of late 19th traditional papers. The sheet size is approx 70 x 50cm (short grain). The sheets are produced from 90gsm archivally buffered (acid-free) laid paper.

Singles - £12.75/sheet
25 to 49 sheets - £12.00/sheet
50 to 99 sheets - £11.63/sheet
100 to 499 sheets - £11.25/sheet
500+ sheets - £10.88/sheet

The papers may be ordered online - Click Here

(subject to shipping charges and VAT where applicable)