May 2010

Backus Bookcloth Cleaner

We bring you this widely used, well-established and popular product for cleaning and reinvigorating cloth bound books.

It is very easy to use. Apply with a soft cotton cloth, lightly rubbing in all directions until the surface is evenly revived. Finish with a clean soft cloth or a short-haired soft brush, rubbing in the direction of the weave of the fabric cover.

£18.00 per 500ml tin

The cleaner may be purchased online here.

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Important Information

We regret that due to its chemical nature, this product can only be shipped within the United Kingdom.


We are pleased to bring you the first of many downloadable, well written and easy to follow e-tutorials.

How to Sew the Secret Belgian Binding
This detailed tutorial shows how to sew this beautiful 'lie-flat' historical binding, an excellent choice for an artist's sketchbook or journal - £6.00

How to Make the Folded Fan Origami Book with Soft Cover
A straightforward tutorial giving step by step instructions for making this wonderful folded book, inspired by Hedi Kyle - £5.40

How to Make a Leather Journal with Keith Smith's Coil Spring Sewing
This inspirational tutorial demystifies working with leather, giving detailed instructions, templates and patterns for a very smart journal - £6.00

How to Make the Teeny-Tiny Peek-a-Boo Book Pendant
A lovely way to combine bookbinding and jewellery skills, this tutorial shows how to make a very tiny but real book with several methods of attaching it to a necklace chain - £6.90

These new E-Tutorials may be purchased online by clicking here

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