April 2018

Society of Bookbinders


The 9th Education and Training Seminar will be held from Thursday 30th August to Saturday 1st September at the University of Chester, a modern, comfortable and extremely compact campus. In addition to the lectures, there will be an evening of informal demonstrations, a Suppliers' Fair and a fund-raising auction - www.chester.ac.uk.

Dieter Räder - Machine Edge Gilding
Dominic Riley - The Deluxe Box
Philippa Räder - Victorian Letter Folders in the Royal Archives
Alan Fitch - Tips, Wrinkles & a Little Controversy
Ann Tomalak - Paper Repairs for Non-Conservators (and when to leave well alone)
Arthur Green - Springback Bindings
Paul Broadbent - Bookbinding on the Edge
Thomas Schmitz - Vellum Binding

The Seminar will start on Thursday night beginning with the AGM, followed by Dinner and the Promenade. Delegates will be able to see all of the lectures/demonstrations for the day(s) booked.

All the lectures will be projected onto large screens so that close-up work can be clearly seen.

Accommodation is in new ensuite single study bedrooms. Delegates will not have to walk long distances on campus as all facilities are in close proximity.

Further details and registration information can be found on the Society's web site at