July 2023

Premium Kraft Paper


As seen on 'All About Bookbinding - Preparing and Covering a Modern Leather Binding' with Stuart Brockman.

This Premium Kraft Paper, is 125 micron (approximately 110gsm). It is smooth, unglazed and has a neutral pH7. It is manufactured on rolls of 1100mm x 100m, with the grain running the length of the roll. (The 1100mm width is short-grain), but we are selling it by the metre. It has excellent wet strength for stabilising boards and spine linings etc.

for 1-24 metres - £3.00 per metre
for 25-49 metres - £2.50 per metre
for 50-99 metres - £2.25 per metre
for 100-499 metres - £2.00 per metre
for 500+ metres - £1.75 per metre

The new Kraft paper and other board and lining materials may be purchased online by clicking here