April 2016

Glacé Kid

Glace Kid

Glacé Kid is a chrome-tanned soft leather with an extremely glossy, shiny finish. Its softness and pliability lends itself perfectly to shoe and small leathergoods production.

Average Skin Size: 0.23 - 0.46m² (2½ - 5ft²)
Approx. Cut Size: 40 x 43cm
Standard Substance: 0.8mm
Colours available: Black
Sizes: Small 0.23 - 0.37m² (2½ - 4ft²) and Large 0.34 - 0.46m² (4 - 5ft²)

Prices for single skins:
Small - £19.00 per skin
Large - £22.00 per skin

Glacé Kid may be viewed and purchased here.