September 2015

Leather Talk

A YouTube presentation from Talas, New York - June 22nd, 2015

"David Lanning from J. Hewit & Sons hosts an informal talk at Talas, New York on the leather tanning process specific to the manufacture of bookbinding leather."

Aura Metallic Buckram

We are delighted to be launching this new to the market product. Aura Buckram, is a contemporary and sophisticated 'metallic' finished cloth, based on the traditional Arbelave Library Buckram. The durable, wipeable and scuff resistant surface can be foil blocked, blind embossed and screen printed. These characteristics will make it very popular with designers, publishers, pattern book manufacturers, specifiers and stationery manufacturers. Aura is suitable for both hand and machine binding.

Aura is available in 7 stunning shades on a roll width of 1040mm.

0-49 metres - £8.99/metre
50-249 metres - £6.91/metre
250+ metres - £6.63/metre





6650 - Silver





6651 - Argent

6652 - Gunmetal

6653 - Classic Gold




6654 - Rich Gold

6655 - Copper

6656 - Bronze

Aura Metallic Buckram can be viewed and purchased online by clicking here

(subject to shipping and VAT where applicable)