September 2011

Tacking Iron Tip

tacking iron tip


Just recently added to our range, this solid brass, flat Tacking Iron Tip is 35mm in length and is designed to be used with the Foil Master Finishing Tool.

Price: £5.20 each

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The Society of Bookbinders Competition, 2011

The J. Hewit & Sons Award for Merit

Winner - Ann Tout (Hampshire, UK)

Book - 'The Collected Stories of Nikolai Gogol' by Nikolai Gogol

'The book is bound using goatskin and transparent vellum with painting underneath. It is bound with a French joint, hollow back and silk headbands. The tooled and dyed leather depicts a snowstorm and is designed to create a sense of movement to the painted scene that wraps around the book. The scene incorporates buildings from the illustrations to the stories.'

Bound with a French joint, hollow back and silk endbands. All edges painted with watercolours

J Hewit and Sons Award for Craftsmanship

Binder - Dominic Riley (Cumbria, UK)

Book - 'The Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum, with illustrations by Barry Moser

Binding - 'Dorothy and Toto are hidden in the forest. The poppy field on the back has giant threatening flowers. The Lion and the Wicked Witch are in their respective forests: the witch lives in her forest in the west and the lion is made king of his forest for his bravery. Their profiles lie hidden in the tree-tops.'

A full leather binding covered in goatskin with back-pared onlays. Acrylic painted edges

The J. Hewit & Sons Award for Design

Binder - Ann Tout (Fareham, Hampshire, UK)

Book - 'Sleeping Beauty' by Ann Tout

Binding - 'The book is a concertina binding consisting of two layers, the upper layer sewn at the foredge is shorter in width to give a three dimensional scene when open. The transparent vellum slipcase lets the tooled and dyed castle show through the thorns.'

Binding covered in hand-dyed goatskin with blind tooling. Pages painted with inks

Ann Tout is presented with the J. Hewit and Sons Prize for 'Design' by David Lanning,
President of the Society of Bookbinders.

Our warmest congratulations go to all the winners

A catalogue showing all of the entrants to the competition is available to purchase online at

Stainless Steel Set-Square



New for us this September, a set-square that will enable you to cut straight and accurately. This Stainless Steel Set Square has perfect edges to cut against with a knife. 45º x 45º - 15cm x 21cm. Convenient grab-handle. Non-graduated.

Price: £13.60 each

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(subject to VAT where applicable)